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By: Aznil Amir Syariffuddin Saari

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Sunday, 6-Jul-2008 09:35 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Cik Elly Graduation

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Penang Medical College (PMC) graduation day. Congrats Dr Wan Alifah! Also on the same day, was Hamdi's 8th birthday

Monday, 17-Dec-2007 12:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Family Day

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Some pictures from my Company's Family Day held at The Saujana KL. Pictures taken by Ken Wooi and Chee Shing. I didn't bring my camera ... so lacking pictures taken ourselves.

Saturday, 8-Sep-2007 23:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Horse service to get people to the siq
Towards the siq
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The Rose Red City of the Nebateneans. Interesting 15km of ruins, made popular by Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. A lot of things to experience, such as the 1207 m long walkway (As Siq), the Treasury, Plenty of Tombs, the old architecture, and the Monastery (Ad-Dayr). To get to the Dayr, visitors have to walk about 5 km with 1 km hill climbing ( 900 steps ).

Based on HarunYahya websites, the nebateneans are the thamud people. Nabi Saleh was sent for them. (thanx Badang for pointing that out)

here the excerpt:
Today, one can see the finest examples of these peoples' stonework in the Rum Valley in Jordan, better known as Petra. Indeed, the Qur'an refers to their expertise in stonework thus:

[Salih said to his people,] "Remember when He appointed you successors to 'Ad and settled you in the land. You built palaces on its plains and carved out houses from the mountains. Remember Allah's blessings and do not go about the earth, corrupting it." (Qur'an, 7:74)

read more in harunyahya website:

Monday, 3-Sep-2007 17:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Al Kahf ( Cave )

The Sign and me
The cave from outside
One of the ancient grave
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Ashabul Kahfi
A friend of mine told me that the cave of the seven sleepers ( Ashabul Kahfi ) is in Amman. I make a wiki search but it only refers to Ephesus in Greek. I believe that this could be another dispute between ahlul kitab. Same like the dispute of Nabi Musa's final resting place ( between Mount Sinai and Mount Nebo) as well as Nabi Nuh's Ark location.

So i went there after work, but the cave is closed. . Just the pix from outside then.

Masjid King Hussein in Downtown
I believe that this is one of the oldest masjid in Amman. Its the original King Hussein Mosque. I'm quite confuse, so to whoever know better, please comment.

Friday, 31-Aug-2007 23:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Back In Amman

Jetfighter using Civilian airport. Only in DOHA?
Cayman in Amman
The Grand Mosque of King Hussein
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JORDAN.. again..
This is my 2nd time in Amman. Unexpectedly, I am here again after 3 weeks. Different tasks this time. Nevertheless, I hope to do things I didn't do the first time.

Masjid in King Hussein Park
The biggest masjid in Amman. Wanted to perform solat Jumaah here. But didn't manage to do it the first time. Didnt have to wait to fulfil it now. The place is on high security, so no pictures were taken.. except from afar.

JERASH.. The Roman City
1 of my unfinished business. Can't believe I have another chance to visit the place. A bit of adventure to get there, took a bus. walk all over the place, then the camera's battery went off. Used 6630's camera then, not so good image taken. And then, the HP's battery gone.

The rest of the rambling will be on my blog (Y!360 or Blogspot). Wanna know how to get to Jerash the cheapest way? Hop in...

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